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Detroit: Become Human Collectors' Edition

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The wait is over! The Collector Edition of Detroit: Become Human is finally here. Featuring:

  • An exclusive collector pin set of 3 iconic symbols from the game, only available in this Collector Edition.
  • A mighty 27 cm (10.62-inch) tall figure of “Kara” with rotating machine arms and a glowing LED halo light in the base. Made from durable PVC and polymer.
  • A triangular display box measuring 420 x 365 x 375 mm
  • An exclusive holographic Cyberlife card featuring a game code redeemable online on Steam for the full PC version of the game

If you want to order several products and the Collector Edition, please do a specific order for the Collector Edition. Otherwise all the products will be sent at the time of availability of the Collectors' edition in October 2020 (subject to availability of the remaining products).